Sunday, December 31, 2006

Had to get it out of my system.

Over a week now of no riding due to snowpacked roads. My inner voice had been whispering in my ear: "Go ahead, try to get out to the main roads, it's doable...." and I had been resisting. Today, even my loving wife mentioned I'd be fine if I could just get out to the cleared main roads only one block away.

So, I geared up, fired up the bike, took some deep breaths and rode out into the culdesac. It was fine up until the point where I stopped at the entrance to the culdesac to check for traffic. The packed snow felt slick beneath my boots. I ever so gently eased out the clutch to get going only to find that my rear tire now had ZERO grip on the snow. It in fact just dug a shallow trench for itself, but never reaching pavement. I was stuck.

That's as far as I got....


I called a friend, he arrived after I'd managed to pull Maria out of the small hole the rear wheel had dug into the snow. As he pushed, I tried to ride her back to the garage, again, no grip on the rear tire and the only progress we made as my friend pushed as sort of sideways, no real control by my front wheel.

Gave up and we, now joined also by my neighbor, just pushed the bike along to the dry spot in front of my driveway, from there I rode her into the garage and back to her parking spot. Safe and sound, no drops and no falls.

Shortest ride on record. Had to prove it to myself, Maria is just not cut out for snowy roads, the threads on her tires have no grip. I must wait for the snow to melt and the roads to clear.

Happy New Year to you all. Here's hoping for some warm weather!!!

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