Saturday, December 09, 2006

A meandering ride day

Temps in the mid 30s to high 50s, nice and sunny. Great riding day.

I attended the regularly scheduled Saturday breakfast in Morrison with the ColoradoBeemers club. There were even more people there than the first time I attended two weekend ago. In fact this time Santa Claus showed up with his motorcycle and sidecar:

Santa is the club's Ride Captain, Ziggy.

Here's a closeup of Santa's Beemer, an R80.

A pic from Coloradobeemers site
Afterwards I rode with Dave and Terry whom I'd ridden with before on my first ride with the club members. We went to BMW of Denver for their Customer Appreciation Day event. I did not buy anything though I did spot a couple of things that were well priced but I really did not need.

I left the guys there and headed down to Palmer Lake by way of I-25 to Happy Canyon Road, down 105 and got a burger at O'Malley's Steak Pub at Palmer Lake. It's a favorite stop by riders so I thought I'd give it a try. After lunch I continued South to Monument where I got back on I-25 until I got to Colorado Springs.

My intention was to then take 115 West towards Canon City in order to take a picture of Cheyenne Mountain from its south side. However, I again took the wrong turn off the offramp and missed 115. Got disoriented making my way back and gave up on the picture plan. It was around 1415 or so by now and I foolishly thought I could make it back to BMW of Denver for their planned class on roadside tire repair that was supposed to happen at 1500.

Traffic was heavy heading North on I-25 and I was keeping it just 5mph or so above the speed limit. Needless to say, I was too far from the dealer to make it there in time so I turned off instead and headed home on E-470. Got home around 1530, having logged about 232 miles of pretty much aimless wandering around with no clearly defined goals. Nice day for a ride but was glad to get home, I felt pretty tired and the burger I had at O'Malleys had pretty much just sat in my gut during the post-lunch ride making me a bit lethargic! : )

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