Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Big Mak for Maria

It's been a great set of commute rides this week, temps in the 20s on the way in to work and in the 40s on the way home.

Today, I received a "pre-owned" Big Mak tank bag courtesy of a fellow rider who lives in Fla and had upgraded to a 2007 R1200RT. She no longer had use of the tank bag she'd gotten for her earlier RT and responded to an ad I placed on the BMW Internet Riders classifieds email system.

The bag sits on a mounting bracket affixed to the gas cap ring on top of the gas tank. There's plastic spacers to maintain distance between the bag and the tank so no more worries about scratching the paint on the tank. I just flip the bag up to access the gas cap to fill up and it slips off by removing one velcro strap and slipping it off the plastic mount that slides within the bag itself. Very nice.

The bag is in great shape and I got it for a great price. Mounted up in less than 2 minutes, I spent more time looking for the right sized torx wrench to take out the stock screws than I did mounting the whole thing. It's bigger than the Cortech bag I had before and since there's no contact with the tank, it was an easy sell with the wife.

Notice, no contact with the tank!

Better pics on this site on this bag.

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