Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Skis for Bikes!

Ok, so I am not the only one insane enough to even think of the possibility of ski outriggers for motorcycles on these snowy days! This was published in 1951, way before our present culture of frivolous lawsuits, but still a fun read/concept.

Fom the back cover of the March 1 1951 Accessories Catalog: Motorcycle skis. Enjoy motorcycling year ‘round with Indian skis. Made of top quality ash with full steel runner, skis support machine on snow and ice, operate independently according to foot pressure and allow you to lean and turn with complete control. Spring loaded tubular arms lift skis for riding on clear roads. Designed for Indian lightweights. Easily adapted to other light makes.

You'll note they say "lightweights", not one of Maria's endearing qualities!

Link where I found the above pic. (more pics as well)

Then there's this device to help guys learn how to be kneesliders on the track....just figure out a way to put skis on them.....hmmmm

Then there's the military option:

Swedish Police Bike

If you've info on the above 2 bikes, let me know!

Of course, a more viable option is a sidecar, which gives you the stability of four wheels like cars have so you don't worry about dropping the bike. All other dangers of riding on snow/ice still apply of course:

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Anonymous said...

those two pics with a question as what they are, they are two-stroke Jawas or possibly Puch "twingles" I have a pic of one I saw at a vintage meet on my site, here