Sunday, December 03, 2006

Getting a small riding fix, finally!

It's been snowy and icy here since Wednesday of this past week, hence, no riding. This is unusual for Colorado as it usually is nice and sunny after a snowstorm and the snow does not linger for long.

The urge to ride was always there but fortunately common sense prevailed and I drove the car to work instead on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday was pretty much a wash since I was up all Thursday night and Friday morning working a change. Yes, I did think about studded snow tires but, again, I managed to land on the sanity side of the the line between common sense and stupidity on that one.

Saturday, it snowed again. So much for the weather forecast: "light flurries and no accumulation". The snow that did accumulate, about an inch worth in my neighborhood mostly melted by the afternoon, leaving icy patches on the streets and both exits to the main roads blocked by sheets of ice. So, no riding again.

Sunday, cold and sunny. Temps in the 20s as I finally was able to escape the neighborhood by negotiating gaps in the ice patches on the streets leading to the main roads which were dry. I only rode a for a little bit to test out the liners for the overpants. Had all my cold weather gear on including the heated vest but I think I could have done without the vest as the temps did not get below the 20 degree mark during the whole ride.

I rode over to Parker's main drag where I took this picture of Maria:

Notice the ATV Hand Covers on Maria
Here's what the onboard thermometer registered:

I guess I got out too late in the day, it was around 1030am, because the temps were already soaring! I took this pic less than one minute after the first pic:

Rode home after the picture taking, the gear kept me warm as usual. The electric vest kept me more than toasty along with the heated grips inside the ATV hand covers. As usual, the only part that was starting to get cold were my toes within my army boots which are apparently in the airstream under the motorcycle. Must work on something for that region.

Short but sweet, now I can feel the withdrawal symptoms subsiding...

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