Sunday, December 17, 2006

Just working on the gear

No riding today, was not motivated to go out, hanging out instead at the house with the family.

I did get some stuff done that was motorcycle-related though:

1. Repaired a rip on the left-side cargo net on the Big Mak Tankbag, I love this thing! I rearranged the way I kept things within so I can find things easier.

2. Moved the mounting hardware for the GPS handheld from the handlebar mount on the central yoke to the left-side brake fluid reservoir cover. I used a small nylon spacer sleeve to avoid it contacting the plastic reservoir cover and replaced the stock screw with a 8 x 30mm version.

3. Actually took a look and inventoried the toolkit that comes with the motorcycle, all there and in order.

4. Transfered the contents of the stock tire repair kit that had come to me in the original plastic bag to a better storage case. I stashed this in the small cavity just before the rear tail light assembly. Spent a few minutes beforehand searching the web for instructions on how to use this kit only to realize when I unpacked it that it comes with instructions! Doh!

5. Used a different case to store stuff such as eyewash, lip balm and antifog spray and now store it neatly in the Big Mak. Got all my earplugs into their own container, ditto for all the spare fuses which went into their own plastic bag stored within the bag I got from the BMW dealer to carry a spare quart of oil.

6. Finally started storing my Colorado Maps Gazette in my motorcycle's right-side system case. Although the decision is mostly made, I am pretty sure I will not be getting a new GPS system. Relying instead on my trusty Garmin 110 GPS/Radio handheld. I did order the Waypoints and Trips Manager Software from Ebay and we'll see if it adds to its functionality.

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