Monday, October 30, 2006

30OCT06 Sans System Cases for Daily Commutes

At the suggestion of Maria's previous owner, Rich, I am going to try riding Maria on my daily commutes without having the BMW system cases attached. The system cases, aka hard bags, add weight to the motorcycle, not to mention all the crap I was carrying in them. I think I removed maybe 20lbs of stuff including the weight of the cases themselves!

Since I do need to carry "some" nice to have stuff, I wiretied a range bag I had to the rear luggage rack. This way I can carry a clear visor for the helmet, bungee net, light gloves and still have room for my coffee thermos.

I'll be trying it out for the rest of this week, Rich tells me she's nimbler this way.

Note: Case is much darker than the pics show, dernier material really catches the light from the flash on my camera.

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