Tuesday, October 24, 2006

24OCT06 - Last Farkle for a while....I hope

So, after much research online and debating the costs involved, called the Denver BMW dealer and it turns out they had it in stock for LESS than any online source I had found during last night's surfing. Amazing isn't it?

I bought the Suburban Machinery Driver Peg Lowering Kit after work today and they were on the motorcycle within an hour of me getting home. Easy to install, hardest part was getting the dang spring which returns the pedal to position after its flipped up to go into place when mounting the brackets onto the motorcycle. There's definitely a technique to it, which of course eluded me, so that's why it took about an hour.

Left Side, with peg lowered.

Right Side, with peg lowered.

As you can see above, still plenty of ground clearance for the curves!

Took her out for a test drive and I was able to reach and activate the brake pedal just fine without the reported contortions necessary as reported by some folks who'd installed this lowering kit.

Here's some views from the top so you can see the new position of the rider pegs:

Brake Pedal side

Shift Pedal Side

I was also able to use the shift lever without contortions though now that the leftside pedal is lower than the shifter pedal; I find myself having to push up a bit higher with my boot's toe to shift up and having to shift down by lifting my foot off the pedal to push down on the shifter. Nothing radical or something that I can't adapt to with some practice, I think (I hope).

One thing that I didn't like and I think it's just part of adapting to the new upshift motion, is that I twice went to go into second gear and upshifted only enough to be in neutral! Easy fix but it's something I had not done before the kit was installed.

I read somewhere where I can adjust the stock shifter pedal counter-clockwise a notch or two so that I won't have to lift my toe as much but will give the current setup a nice long try. Another thought running through my head is finding a way to make the stock shifter pedal a bit thicker so that it takes up some of the space my foot is having to travel up. Must think more on that.

I did take a look and I can see where the adjustment is made for the shift pedal, just appears to be a pain in the butt to get to, we'll see.

Suffice to say the knees felt much better, no pressure at all and my feet felt SO much lower than before, almost like they were floating just above the road where in fact there were still a good five inches away from the road. I am looking forward to a long ride this weekend to really check out the new riding legroom to see if this farkle was worth the cost.

This farkle should complete my purchases for a while I hope, must hold off on spending more money on Maria. When I told my wife I'd purchased this kit, she said to me: "Well Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa and whatever other holiday you can think off for the foreseeable future! : )

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