Saturday, October 14, 2006

Safety Farkle for Maria and some thoughts re my dropping the motorcycle

Notwithstanding the recent events showing me to be the most dangerous thing for Maria so far; in terms of having dropped her twice now....I have added a couple of safety-related farkle.

Comagination's headlight modulator and Kisan's Tailblazer brakelight flasher. The comagination modulator was not as simple an install on the beemer as it was on the honda. In other words, not a simple plug-in plus the beemer's wiring is hard to access through the top of the plastic fairing. Got it done however and now my high-beam lights modulate when it's light out and stay steady on when it's dark enough to trip the light sensor. The tailblazer went in very easy.

I just installed the brakelight flasher but am sure it'll work pretty close to the previous version of brakelight flasher I had on the Aero.

Did some more research and realized three things re my recent drops of the motorcycle.

1. You must not use the front brakes at all for slow maneuvers, they're just too strong/grabby and will lock up the front wheel in nothing flat. Use the rear brakes only, using the right hand to control the throttle within the friction zone to help keep the motorcycle upright. These motorcycles are apparently known to spin the wheel all the way to its stops if you are slightly turning and grab the front brakes. Hence, avoid the front brakes on slow turns!

2. DON'T look down at the ground, because the spot you're looking at is exactly the spot your motorcycle will head to and fall on. I now recall, vividly now, looking at the bad spots on the ground covered in gravel and that's exactly the spot in each case where the motorcycle ended up. Must keep eyes up and level when doing slow turns and coming to a stop.

3. I am not the only R1150R or RT rider out there who's dropped his motorcycle doing exactly the same damn things, there's many. There's also stepping into potholes while coming to a stop, forgetting to put out the kickstand, and stopping on unlevel surfaces or slick surfaces causing these zero speed/low speed drops.

Going to try and practice, slow speed maneuvers, with plenty of stops and turns at low speed tomorrow. Yeah, it's a heavy motorcycle, but good techniques will help as well, use the motorcycle correctly instead of fighting it.

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