Monday, October 16, 2006

A reminder of how small our world can be and proof of Maria's power and versatility

What a small world, I had posted a "introduce myself" entry in the BMW Motorcycle Owner's Association or BMWMOA; and not even a couple of hours later I get a message from the first owner of the motorcycle! Rich is his name, from Killdeer, N.D.

We've exchanged emails and such and he was gracious enough to send me some pics of Maria while he was the owner. One of which was so cool I thought I'd post it here. Rich had hooked up a trailer hitch onto the motorcycle and used it to pull a trailer behind the motorcycle! Now if that does not say something about the RT's ability to pull more than it's own weight, I don't know what does!

Here's a pic of how the trailer hitch attached to the motorcycle, cool stuff.

Thanks Rich, not only for the pictures but for taking such good care of the motorcycle.

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