Saturday, October 28, 2006

28OCT06 - Master Yoda's Riding Position

I'd seen references to the above in all the riding forums I'd been frequenting of late so I thought I'd post a link to the most extensive description I'd seen of it so far here.

The keynotes to "the" Riding Position are:

* Bend at the HIPS, not waist
* Maintain a SLIGHT arch to the back, not allowing it ever to "curve"
* Move the butt AFT so the weight is OVER YOUR FEET.
* Apply pressure to the feet, using the THIGH muscles, so you are sitting "lightly"
* ELBOWS BENT, now DROP the hands to the bars.

I am planning a day's worth of riding tomorrow since I was trapped at home, with gorgeous riding weather outside, because of work-related crap. I'll be trying to apply the principles above during the ride to see if they help with the comfort level and such.

Going to try to go South through Colorado Springs, and take the 115 to 50 and Canon City and past that to the Royal Gorge Park to see the highest suspension bridge in the States.

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