Thursday, October 19, 2006

19OCT06 - A better way to mount the GPS

So, tonight was basically an evening of farkle mounting.

Although the mounting of the GPS on top of the new tank bag, as mentioned in previous posting, would have worked out fine, a thought occured to me while perusing accessory mounting brackets online.

Several ideas later, came up with a way to re-use the old handlebar mount for my Rino 110 GPS/Radio by using a metal strip, secured by one of the bolts holding the new risers in place and binding the old GPS mounting bracket to the other end of the metal strip with wireties.

Front View

Rear View

This mod allows me to place back the map case on top of the tank bag. I'll be trying it out tomorrow as proof of concept, if it works out ok, will paint the metal strip to prevent it rusting and remount. The way it's rigged now, I can unclip the GPS+ plastic bracket, stow it in one of system cases when I'm not with the motorcycle or take it with me stored in the tank bag!

The tank bag will now serve mainly as wiring/accessory plugs storage to present a neater appearance instead of a mess of wires. My phone charger will be within, along with my camera and the ac adapter for the GPS.

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