Friday, October 13, 2006

Golden, Lookout Mountain and Kittredge

Had business in Golden today, finished up around noon and decided to ride up Lookout Mountain. The route is part of the "Lariat Loop" I believe and is a nice twisty ride all the way to the top where The Buffalo Bill Museum and grave are located. I saved the museum and grave for another day. That's the beauty of the business I have in Golden, the customer is located on 19th Street which leads right up the road to Lookout Mountain so you get to be next a cool ride after doing the work.

Near the top of Lookout Mountain with Golden in the background

After I descended I got to US40 and headed east back towards Morrison via CR93. Once at Morrison I headed back west on 74, aka Bear Creek Rd through Idledale and Kittredge and ended up in the town of Evergreen where I turned around since I did not find any place there that caught my eye for lunch. I had spotted a deli in Kittredge, the Red Door Cafe, nice little joint where I had lunch.

Afterwards I took CR120 or South Myers Gulch Road, through Indian Hills and finally intersecting with US285. I had originally inteded to go further South on CR122 but took the wrong turn and ended up heading East on US285 and then C470 heading East till I got off at Wadsworth at the Chatfield reservoir. I then took the usual back way through Waterton Canyon, Sedalia, Castle Rock, Parker and back home by 1500. Lots of twisty roads today, and Maria did them all beautifully.

The only downer for the day was when I slipped on gravel while coming to a stop in a parking lot in Golden just prior to my business appointment. I dropped the motorcycle. Yep, it had always been a matter of time but I had kind of hoped it would happen AFTER I had installed the engine cover guards that I have on order. But no, I dropped her this morning, scuffed up the bottom edge of the left side engine cover dammit. You have to bend down and look to spot it but I know it's there.

The good news is that I've confirmed what I had read, that the engine covers hit the ground first and prevent the expensive plastic fairing of the motorcycle from getting scratched on the ground. I managed to lift the motorcycle up off its side, heavy sucker, and was on my way to my appointment. I was a bit bummed out about scuffing the engine cover but kind of glad they did sustain the impact well, no leaks, and the fairing came through unscathed.

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