Thursday, October 19, 2006

19OCT06 - A Tank Bag for Maria

Maria's latest farkle showed up from It's a Cortech mini tank bag, strap-on model. I had issues finding an anchor point for the rear strap so I ended up fabricating one with wireties secured to the battery's mounting frame. The forward straps went around the steering yoke, at least what I think is the steering yoke. We'll see how that part works out. I tested moving the handlebars right and left and there seemed to be no binding.

I rigged a mounting point for a small case that holds my Garmin Rino 110 GPS/Radio on top of the tank bag since I don't have anywhere else right now to mount the GPS. I removed the map case that usually sits on top of the tank bag for now. Maria's handlebars are not your typical round bars so the mounting hardware I had previously for Gretl does not work on them. I'll be trying out the tank bag and GPS tomorrow, powered by one of Maria's two power outlets of course.

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