Wednesday, November 01, 2006

31OCT06 - Coldest Ride Yet

It's all about the timing sometimes, isn't it?

So yesterday I set off on my work commute, sans system cases as posted about previously, and it was the coldest day I've ridden in since I got into motorcycling!

According to the thermometer on the motorcycle, it got down as low as 20 degrees during the commute. I had the windshield in the fully up position along with the heated grips on high and did fine with the cold except for the very tips of my fingers and the toes. These were starting to feel the cold by the end of the commute.

If I had brought along the system cases I probably would have thought hard about stopping and donning the fleece jacket and glove liners I keep in there. I was s.o.l with the medium boots I had on, since I had left and never carry in the cases the german army boots I have for cold weather.

The riding gear I did have on did keep me warm enough though for a 25 minute ride. The guys at work gave me the look as if they were thinking of having an "intervention" for my obvious motorcycling addiction even though I told them the cold really wasn't that bad. : )

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