Monday, November 06, 2006

06NOV06 Initial test of the ATV Hand Warmers

Ok, so it was not so cold during the commute this morning, mid-30s at the lowest. To compensate for such balmy temps, I wore my summer riding gloves, very thin with vents and such. I put the ATV Hand Warmers onto the handlebars and rode into work.

I set the heated grips to their low heat output setting and noted the following during my 25 minute commute in, max speed for a short burst was 70mph.

1. Could not feel ANY wind on my gloves. The vents on the gloves allow me to feel breezes during warm weather riding.
2. Hands stayed nice and toasty, they were almost beginning to sweat by ride's end.
3. No problems withdrawing or inserting hands into gloves either when moving or while stopped at the lights. For example, taking my right hand out to lift the visor while stopped or taking out my left hand while moving at speed to lower my visor back into place.
4. Could not detect the wind pressure pushing back on the warmer and putting pressure on the levers. I don't believe it activated the brake lights in other words. I can usually hear the servo motors kick in when the brake lights are activated, I did not hear them this morning except when I knew I was activating the brakes or engaging the levers slightly to activate the brake lights when slowing down using engine braking.
5. No issues with finding/reaching any buttons on the handlebar controls. I did find the area near the left turn signal tab a bit snug and will enlarge that opening a tiny bit more tonight.

So, initial testing looks good for this cheap farkle.

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