Saturday, November 11, 2006

11NOV06 Short, windy ride on Veteran's Day

I had a guy install some 3M "Clear Bra" material that came precut for the headlight on Maria, you can't even really tell it's there from as close as one foot. I also had him cover the center panel of the gas tank where the tankbag rides to prevent any scratches to the paint. He did a real good job, the areas are protected and you can't even tell there's plastic on them!

Went out for a ride in the afternoon after lunch and it proved to be quite windy. Temps were in the mid 50s and sunny but the wind made east and westbound travel a chore as the wind would try and push me northwards. I cut the ride short after two hours, just traveled SE of my house, tried some new county roads which of course became dirt roads halfway through.

About to hit another dirt road...

Maria did fine on the dirt roads but I slowed her way down to the 20s, got passed by several pickup trucks and cars going both ways. They of course did not slow down and enveloped me in a cloud of dust as they passed me. I am sure they were wondering who the fool was on a touring motorcycle tooling down some dirt road! : )

The ride also was for me to try out this new farkle:

I had it hooked up to the power outlet splitter in my tank bag so I could see the voltage readings while riding. The motorcycle read 11.9 volts before I cranked her up. The voltage ready around 12 to 12.5 with the engine idling, and would run up to 13.3 and 13.5 volts when at cruising speeds. This was with my highbeam light on and modulating, riding lights on and heated grips in the low setting. So I guess I am not putting a strain on the battery and it's getting charged up while I ride.

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