Friday, November 03, 2006

03NOV06 Cheap Cold Weather Farkle for Maria?

So, having now ridden in 20 degree weather and feeling the cold on the tips of my cold-weather-glove-clad fingers, I had spent the last couple of days trying to figure out how to block the wind from my fingers during this kind of cold temperatures.

At first I thought of taking the handguards made for the 1150GS and "modifying" them to fit my RT but it turns out the mods I'd read about online where for the R and the RS, not the RT which has non-tubular handlebars. They had some in stock at the beemer dealer and let me check them out on the RT but no go. Bummer.

I even went and blocked the empty speaker enclosures/openings for the RT's nonexistent radio but no effect as of this morning. Although this morning was not cold as Monday, it was just in the low 40s and almost felt balmy after the last couple of days.

I went and checked out the other BMW motorcycle dealer on the west side of Denver on Wadsworth Blvd, nice place with friendly people. They even answer emails on same day that you email them! That's always a good sign. Afterwards, I spotted a motosports dealer nearby and stopped to take a look at their handguards. Nothing that would even come close to working of course, but then I thought to check out their ATV department since I'd seen some "hippohands-equivalent" grip covers online for ATVs.

They had the Tucker Rocky Biker's Choice Quadboss Hand Warmers, in black. They let me take them outside and I checked the fit on my RT's handlebars/controls and it fit! I bought them and brought them home, I decided to cut a smidge off at the inside liner so they fit over the handlebar controls easier and they mounted right up. I checked access to all the buttons and the all-important control levers and it was perfect! They were only $21, one third the price of hippohands, and no 12 day leadtime to get them!

Let the 20 degree weather come back! I am ready. I figure I'll only put them on during rides where the temps are below 30 or so.

The ride side hand warmer, a hook and loop strap holds it in place.

Hand Warmer from the front.

02DEC07 Followup Notes:
At least on my RT, using these grip covers pretty much eliminates your being able to use your stock mirrors. Glad I added some GS mirrors for expanded coverage since they become my rearview mirrors with these grip covers on.

You do have to cut a slit in the covers for the GS mirrors but no big deal and no adverse effect on their ability to keep the wind off your hands.

Ended up spray-painting the Quadboss Leather Logo black....

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Anonymous said...

Very nice and warm looking. I have seen some of these on bikes before, mostly European, but never really checked into them. I will definitely keep them in mind. Thanks for sharing.

Ride on,