Wednesday, June 07, 2023

Now Camping on West Side of Glacier National Park

Tuesday, June 6

We left the Libby, MT area just before 9am and headed to do errands/laundry in Eureka.  Then it was on to the very crowded city of Whitefish for groceries.

We're staying at the full campground that is Fish Creek Camp in Glacier NP, near West Glacier, MT.  It's sites, at least along Loop B are quite narrow and small.

The site we reserved was tiny and sloping.  Took me quite a while to level the VRRV after unloading Scarlett and detaching the trailer.  It's possibly the toughest site to level that I've ever used!

Cell signal is weak, allowing slow texts and voice calls only.  I used the weBoost cell signal booster to slowly upload this post.

We'll be here a few days, the Z's are joining us later on, tomorrow afternoon.  We rode Scarlett down to orient ourselves to the area, see the visitor center which was closing when we got there, and finally check out the concessions at Apgar Village.

The view from Apgar Village

The Going to the Sun Highway isn't open all the way, probably won't be till next month.  So no riding to Logan Pass as I did with Bobscoot, Bluekat, Ron and Martha oh so long ago.  LINK

Wednesday, June 7

After breakfast, Martha and I took the trail leading to Rocky Point, which runs along the west side of McDonald Lake.  This is the lake on which Fish Creek Campground is located.

The trail had a plethora of mosquitoes and of course we neglected to spray on some repellant beforehand.  Still, they were slow, so easy to kill.

We didn't go much past Rocky Point though the trail takes you all the way to the north end of Lake McDonald.  Way too many trees obscure the views to the lake however so we returned to camp instead.  We hit the trail at almost the right time, it was full of northbound hikers as we trudged southbound back to Uma.


CCjon said...

Mosquitos and hoards of tourists are following you... best you two come on over to Gull Point State Park in Iowa for the USCA Rally, June 22-25.

That last photo with canoes is great.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks, CCjon. No USCA rally for us, we are heading south by next week.

SonjaM said...

What a beautiful mountain scenery, Dom. But I guess it will get more crowded now everywhere with upcoming vacation time. Good luck avoiding peeps. Cheers, SonjaM

redlegsrides said...

Thanks, SonjaM, hoping for closer views this morning.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks, SonjaM, hoping for closer views this morning.