Monday, June 05, 2023

Quiet Weekend at Lake Koocanusa

 Saturday, Jun 4

A short visit to the Libby Dam, we'd done the Dam Tour but no photos are allowed so the objective was to show you the mural that's mounted on the lake side of the Peace Tower which is the at the center of the dam.

A pic of the rigs from across the rive

The mural

Spillway view of the dam on a sunny day

closeup using CCjon's Coolpix Zoom Camera

While I was taking pics of the dam, I spotted an eagle and managed to get one semi-good shot:

I like the juxtaposition of angles

Sunday, not much got done, did ride with Martha to check out the "marina" to the north of us along highway 37.  There wasn't much to it, but it did have a small swim beach.

Monday, Jun 5

The Z's left today after lunch, we'll be meeting up with them again at the Glacier National Park, probably Wednesday.  

Here's Martha during one of several wifi-mooching sessions, using the Z's Starlink internet access as the Dunn Creek Flats COE campground doesn't have cell signal.

We went for a ride into the nearby town of Libby both to see the eagles of the "City of Eagles" and to look at Paul Bunyan's Frying Pan at the Heritage Museum.

I think we got pics of the two largest eagles....there's apparently a plethora of them in town by the same artist.

I posted the pics and posting from the Libby Dam Visitor Center BTW, as there was no signal at the camp.


RichardM said...

“WiFi-mooching”. A new term. I still can’t justify StarLink. Especially since they keep raising the price.

Lori said...

Very cool shot of the eagle! Almost read his thoughts wondering if you would make a good dinner for him.

That is one huge frying pan!! ~Lori

redlegsrides said...

I understand,'s not cheap.

redlegsrides said...

Lori, he was probably mad I was near his patrol area.