Friday, June 09, 2023

Uraling to present limits on Western half of Going to the Sun Road

Thursday, June 8

Martha and I rode Scarlett from our campsite, along the Going to the Sun Highway (15 miles of which are under construction/repaving operations) and; motored slowly northward along Lake McDonald's eastern shore.

We'd left before 8:30 I believe and already things were pretty congested at the parking lot adjacent to the campsite near the road closure gate.  In fact, the campground was closed, to allow vehicles to use its spaces as "day use parking".

We hiked the Trail of the Cedars and eventually went past the closed highway gate and onto the Going to the Sun Highway itself.  It was open for hikers and bicyclist; enabling us to claim we'd hiked the highway!

Some views along the way:

Views at the Sacred Dancing Falls:

The day, as you can see, had turned overcast and rain sprinkles moistened things as we rode down to the McDonald Lake Lodge for Martha to check out.

The weather turned bad enough to cancel scheduled boat tour.

The Red Buses were running, but the park shuttle
won't start till July 1 apparently.

We ended up eating a bag lunch prepped by Martha before the ride and looking around the crowded but cool looking lodge's lobby area:

What do you think?  A Ural-based addition
to the tour bus company's offerings?

The way home was a bit soggy but not too bad.  The rest of the day and the next couple of days are forecast to be rainy.  We had dinner with the Z's: Blackened Tilapia and Brussels Sprouts with Bacon.  Yummy.

Today, June 9,  the objective was a visit to the Visitor Center to get Martha's National Parks Passport stamped.  They also had Wi-Fi for the public, so I used it to upload this post.


CCjon said...

Too bad the weather was not more pleasant, but the photos are great.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks CCjon, we actually didn't mind the weather that much, it had been a scorcher the day before so a little cool weather was welcomed.