Saturday, June 03, 2023

Now in Montana, after a day's riding in Canada

 Jun 01, Thursday

Martha and I rode Scarlett, my 2014 Ural Patrol across the border into Canada at the Eastport/Kings Gate border crossing.  We rode on Route 3A along the Kootenay Lake, enjoying the views.

Here's one of several small harbors along the lake:

We made it to The Glass House, a roadside tourist attraction.  The builder had been a funeral director who collected enough spent bottles of embalming fluid over the years to eventually build himself a house made out of said bottles!

More info on the castle-themed house here: LINK

Next, we drove over the 5km or so from the Kootenay Ferry's eastern embarkation point to a lighthouse for which Martha had spotted signage.

It was a good find.  We had access to the top of the lighthouse and the outside balcony.  Here's a pano view of the lake from the lighthouse on Pilot Bay:

Though surprised, we were pleased at the access we had:

It was about a 180 mile round trip but well worth it!  A quiet evening back at Lake Robinson finished off the day:

June 02, Friday

We displaced to the Libby Dam and Lake Koocanusa in Montana.  

While Martha relaxed at the Dunn Creek Flats COE campground, I checked out the eastern viewpoints to the Libby Dam nearby:

Got caught in the rain so I waited it out, mostly, under a gazebo at the top of the dam viewpoint.

Got back, slightly wet but safely. 


CCjon said...

The Glass House is a great find. Still under construction?
The shot of Martha on the pier is nice.

SonjaM said...

Your pics certainly have some Alps vibes coming along... missing the mountains. Say hi to Martha, eh!? Cheers SonjaM

Anonymous said...

Thanks, CCjon. No, it's finished.

RichardM said...

The Kootenay region is beautiful, and I like the free ferries!

redlegsrides said...

They consider the ferries part of their road system so they're free. Well, sort of.

Bluekat said...

Fun ride and great places to explore. the Glass house is pretty cool. We hope to explore more of the Kootenay area someday.

redlegsrides said...

Bluekat, it's a neat area and not too crowded. Definitely check out the lighthouse on Pilot Bay.