Sunday, May 21, 2023

First Weekend at Hog Lake BLM Dispersed Camping.

Saturday, May 20

Armed Forces Day

Spent the day just relaxing and listening to an audio book centered on the experiences of a young Royal Navy officer who commands a small Minesweeper Flotilla out of Capetown, South Africa in the early months of 1941 after a traumatic experience while serving on a Destroyer while evacuating troops at Dunkirk.  

The Colors flew, of course, at camp:

It was a hot day!  

Sunday, May 21

A cooler day today, even felt a bit of chilly wind at times!  Still, pretty good weather overall.

Made a grocery run to the nearby town of Cheney, WA to give Scarlett, my 2014 Ural Patrol, some exercise.

Once back at camp, it was more rest and relaxation while listening to a new audio book.  It's OK, about yet another Vatican Conspiracy a la The Da Vinci Code.  

After 5PM, the sun still pretty high in the sky, I decided to check out the 1.3 mile trail to the north end of Hog Lake.  You can get some nice views of this narrow lake, but I got a nice surprise when I spotted waterfalls!

Google Maps shows a road/trail that might let me make my way closer to these waterfalls.  I plan to check it out tomorrow with Yagi.  Stay tuned.   Update: The Hog Lake Falls are on private lands and not accessible.  Bummer.

Here's some views of the lake as I walked away from the falls and back towards my campsite:

A small pond to the west of the lake

Tonight's sunset wasn't bad:


CCjon said...

Nice to see green in your photos. That waterfall could provide some great photos at the right time of day. Have you done much with time exposures? Have a tripod?

redlegsrides said...

CCjon, yes to both your questions. I'm going to have to get much closer to the falls though. Cold and windy this morning....

RichardM said...

Nice sunset photos. And the area looks great.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks RichardM, it's not bad.

Anonymous said...

Spectacular sunset, Dom. Love the colours. Cheers, SonjaM

redlegsrides said...

Danke, SonjaM.