Thursday, February 11, 2021

Testing the Jack Extension and Taking Mariko's Top Off

 A pretty lazy morning today, starting with a shot of the sun as it crested over one of the Needles:

Really didn't do much, nor felt the need to do so, just relaxed and read....enjoying the warm sun which made the morning temperatures feel warmer than they actually were.  The lack of wind probably helped with that as well.

I did get around to testing the viability of the 6" Jack Extension I'd purchased from SafeJack to extend the reach of the 6 Ton Bottle Jack I got from Amazon to go with it.  (The contact head of a 6 Ton Jack corresponds to the opening of the Jack Extension where it mates to it so it doesn't move/slip)

As you can see, I can get either the rear or front tires off the ground in order to change them should Mariko experience a flat tire.

I continued my strenuous relaxation all the way to 3PM and then it was time (the sun's rays had heated up Mariko's soft top enough to relax it) to remove the soft top from the Sammy.  I did bust one of the fasteners (darn) on the right side body panel but otherwise, no issues encountered unmounting the soft top.

I then discovered due to the non-oem roll bar cage additions a previous owner had added, I was unable to simply fold down the bow that secures the soft top because the bow rubbed the rear columns of the roll cage!  Oh well, two bolts and I could remove the whole top and bow and set it aside by the URRV.

I drove out to the nearby trails and got these pics.  Yes, it's like a car dealer brochure with such closeups but I promise this will be the first and last...more scenery less car in future postings.

I'm thinking perhaps a Bikini Top is in her future

After the above pics, I drove into Las Cruces to the nearest hardware store for some supplies and to fill up Mariko's gas tank in preparation for trail riding tomorrow.

The Golden Hour was upon us as I headed back to the campsite:

Looking at Dripping Springs

The Organ Desert Peaks

The clear skies we enjoyed today led to a ho hum sunset so no pics of it tonight.  The campsite and the vehicle parking locations don't really lend themselves to good sunset pics.

Fear not gentle readers, my motorcycling days are not over.  This is a shakedown trip for Mariko to ensure she's a reliable vehicle not only for my use but when Martha joins me on camping trips!


CCjon said...

Smart move to check out your jack and gear before you really really need them.

Andrew Thomson said...

Diggin' the topless Suzy!

redlegsrides said...

Thanks CCjon.... Going to need another vehicle to test out the tows and snatch strap, how about ready the Triumph beast on over for some testing? :)

CCjon said...

A tractor tug of war..between a 2300cc Rocket and the Zuki.? Hmmm... wouldn't want to cast shame on Marika, she's too pretty.

redlegsrides said...

No contest, Maruko would loose.

redlegsrides said...

Mariko...that is

RichardM said...

Especially in the 0-60 competition

redlegsrides said...

Yep, sub-Ural performance on four wheels! I paid extra for that! ; )

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Andrew!