Sunday, February 14, 2021

A Cold and Monochromatic Day

 Woke to a Winter Wonderland of snow covered vegetation and cloud-enshrouded mountain peaks.

The peaks would play hide and seek with us campers at their base throughout the day, but mostly hiding in the freezing clouds which brought sporadic snow flakes down on us.

It's supposed to get into the high teens tonight, the fresh water intake hose that's exposed outside froze by late afternoon and I switched to water cans for washing dishes and flushing the toilet.  

I did check the water in the fresh water tank from the outside, bumping the tires as I shone a slight into the tank....I could see the top of the water level move, so all good.  It would take more than 12 hours of sub 20 degree temps, in my experience, to freeze the fresh water tank.

Temperatures will climb into the mid-30s tomorrow and hopefully the sun will come out to warm things up a bit before temperatures plunge once again tomorrow night but "only" into the 20s.

Here's what I saw when I exited the URRV for the first time, just before 8AM:

This is an example of the "hide" mode the peaks were in for most of the morning:

The afternoon wasn't much better but there were occasional glimpses provided, I did have to boost the contrast of these pictures to get the peaks to be more evident.

One final shot of the rock formation near Dripping Springs, a light color was seen on the rocks:

I'm here till at least Wednesday of this week, waiting on packages via General Delivery in the nearest Post Office to me in Las Cruces.

Still unsure whether I want to head into the really vast expanses of Texas or go into familiar territory in Arizona.  Weather, probably, will end up deciding things for me.


CCjon said...

Thanks for checking in, letting us know you are not a frozen stiff out in the tulles. Yes, lighting was not great today, but will get better. Stay safe and warm.

redlegsrides said...

Still kicking CCjon, though it did get pretty cold....but my propane heater ran like a champ.

Bluekat said...

I was wondering if you or Richard were caught up in that crazy cold weather. Been watching it on the news and Texas is in terrible shape. Stay safe and try to stay warm!

redlegsrides said...

Thanks for the comment Bluekat... This sure isn't the New Mexico that I was expecting when I came down here! Still it is what it is.