Monday, February 15, 2021

After the snow storm...

 I ended up running the catalytic propane heater almost 24 hours during the recent snow storm and used up about 1/8 of the propane in the onboard tank, so not bad at all!

Though today started overcast, it would clear up in the late morning and it was then that temperatures started to steadily climb out of the high teens to the low 30s.  The sun felt good I must say.

As it had been overcast all day yesterday and this morning, I ran the Predator generator most of the morning and into the early afternoon.  This to charge up the house battery and to run the 200 Watt Electric Heater which at first supplemented the propane heater and then took over from it to keep the house temperature around 60°F (15.5°C).

Here's how the nearby Desert Peaks looked like in the morning:

Puttered about the campsite, knocking ice off both the URRV and the Sammy.  Bundled up, it wasn't too cold.

Having a bit of cabin fever, I drove Mariko the Sammy into town to purchase some groceries and a part from Autozone for the Sammy.  I had thought the part, the coupler for the steering linkage u-joints, was looking a bit ragged but apparently, a new version also looks a bit raggedy.  Not as robust as the "donut" used by Ural Sidecar motorcycles to couple the transmission output shaft to the driveshaft going to the final drive.

Coming back, the mountains were pretty much clear of the morning clouds/fog:

Not much else to report, still killing time waiting for a couple of packages to arrive at the Las Cruces post office, hopefully by Wednesday.  I'm thinking of heading over to the White Sands National Monument (about 40 miles away) tomorrow, and make it a day.  We'll see how the winds are though, it's supposed to be pretty windy tomorrow.


RichardM said...

Last year, White Sands was closed. Not just the visitor’s center but the entire park was shut down.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks for the info RichardM.... I will try and call their visitor send them to make sure that they are open before heading out there.

redlegsrides said...

They are open but decided not to go today due to the weather which is overcast and presently seeing snowflakes fall from the sky