Thursday, February 25, 2021

Changing campsites and a camera malfunction.

I decided to displace to a better campsite within the Hot Well Dunes Recreation Area this morning, it's a bit more secluded/isolated and away from the UTV crowd that showed up last night.

It was within walking distance of site 11 where I had been so not a big hassle.

Not sure if it was the same road runner but one of them showed up at the new campsite, walking around the URRV like he owned the place.  I followed him around and once he was in the light, I activated the zoom on the Sony HX80....griding noise and the camera displayed "turn power off and back on" on the LCD screen.


Many attempts at rebooting it later, I got hold of Sony tech support and they're having me mail the camera to them for repair under warranty.  Apparently, dust and dirt can get into the lens housing/assembly and jam things up!  Delicate things these cameras with the popout lenses!  Perhaps it's a Sony thing, I don't know.  The tech I chatted with didn't seem surprised when I mentioned the dusty conditions around here.

Didn't do any driving with Mariko today, just didn't have it in me after the camera problems.  Instead, I did cleaning inside the URRV and tried to keep my blood pressure under control.

So, tomorrow I'll be mailing the camera to Martha and she'll take care of sending it onwards to the repair center since they'll be sending the repaired unit back to my home address.

Now down to the Pixel 4a's camera and Thing Two's Nikon D5600, truly a first world problem I know but still irritating to me.


CCjon said...

Sorry to hear about the camera malfunction. Hope it turns pout be just ending a cleaning.

I see a grill for cooking in the shot above, do you use those? Haul your own firewood in?

SonjaM said...

What a bummer! I had the same issue with one of my Sony cameras, but mine wasn't fixed under warranty back than, I am solely using my iPhone camera since, but alas, no pretty zoom pics. Hope it works out for you.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks CCjon... After one unfortunate incident early in my camping career involving a fine when I failed to realize there was a fire ban, I've yet to do another campfire. The cleanliness of these grills is not great either.

RichardM said...

That's a problem with these nice, fancy cameras. Dust, water, snow, etc. are not kind to their delicate mechanisms. Maybe back to a weatherproof point and shoot. When you are out and about, what do you carry the camera it? On the Ural I've always used a small dry bag for the camera.

redlegsrides said...

I have a small case but haven't really been using it.... Martha is going to mail the waterproof point and shoot I had in Alaska to me.

redlegsrides said...

We'll see what Sony says SonjaM!