Friday, February 19, 2021

A Recycled Roadrunner, some 4-wheeling and finally got the package.

 After breakfast, I drove Mariko out towards the Recycled Roadrunner, a roadside attraction located at a rest stop on the I-10 super slab (eastbound side).

More info re this attraction here on  LINK

The roadrunner didn't originally stand on the rock....but after
it was refurbed, they located it on a rock to discourage the morons
who liked to climb aboard for pics.

A closeup of the right wing...

Now that's a lot of tennis shoes...

Neat attraction, the only negative I experienced was seeing this idiot woman adding some graffiti to the rock on which the roadrunner stands.  Her husband pointed at me probably telling her that I might be taking her picture, she shrugs and continues scribbling!  What is wrong with people like this?

Next was a ride to the Walmart in Las Cruces for groceries and most important, RV-friendly Toilet Paper as I am running low.

That mission accomplished, I drove back to camp, put stuff away and then went four-wheeling with Mariko on some nicely sandy (not very rocky) trails through the area:

Looking east at the Organ Mountains Desert Peaks

Here's the steepest hill trail portion I encountered.  I put Mariko into 4WD Low Range and she climbed it with no issues, nice and slow.  I wish Ural motorcycles had such low gearing!  The only point where the tires slipped a little was right at the top while the Sammy was angled up at about 45 degrees, but even then, the front tires pulled us up just fine.

On top of a nearby mesa/ridge, looking at Picacho Peak

Later on in the afternoon, I drove into Las Cruces (where keeping a safe following distance and turn signals are viewed as a sign of weakness!) and checked at the main post office where all General Delivery is handled.  They said that they'd forwarded it to the original post office that Martha had addressed it to and I hurried over and after invoking the supervisor they finally found the stupid thing.

Lesson learned: If you're going to use General Delivery, pick a small town with only one post office!  By the way, the 800 number for the postal service? Useless!  Several attempts by me resulted in zero human contact and much frustration.  It's lucky for the USPS that they're basically a monopoly!

Anyways, overall it was a good day....almost warm at points.  Tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer!


Oz said...

I don't understand why people thing they need or should write/paint their name on rocks or other landmarks. It is crazy, like anyone really cares they were there. Sad the lack of respect. The roadrunner is pretty cool and interesting. Are you pretty much by yourself out there? Looks like it to me.

redlegsrides said...

My campsite is pretty isolated looking but the area is popular with hikers and four wheeler. Good enough for a few days.

CCjon said...

I remember stopping at that ROADRUNNER rest area, but did not realized it was made from recycled materials. The onl thing I do remember was the sun was reflecting off of its bad I could not stare at it for more than a second or two. Glad you were able to get better shots of it.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks CCjon,I guess my timing was just right.