Thursday, February 04, 2021

La Jornada del Muerto, Spaceport America and meandering the north side of Elephant Butte State Park

 Drove into Truth or Consequences this morning after breakfast to pick up a rubber bumper to try and isolate the new fuel pump and perhaps ameliorate it's tapping sound.  I tanked up Mariko and determined 21.7 MPG with a mix of offroad and pavement driving.

Geronimo portrait on the side of a building....there's a museum I
might check out another day.

As I was in town, I decided to check out La Jornada del Muerto or Dead Man's Journey.  A stretch of road that had been part of the Camino Real or Royal Road between Mexico City, MX and the northern boundaries of the Mexican empire way back before the US came along to change things.

About 9 miles from town

About 14 miles or so later, there was this Historical Marker on the side of the road:

Soon after the marker, one turns right or south and though I missed it the first time, I did find the location for Spaceport America.  No signs off the county highway to give one a hint....I had seen the strange looking building but had mistaken it for something else as I passed by the first time.

The facility, is closed to the public I found, so I contented myself with taking pictures of the replica space craft on display:

The "weird looking" building I'd seen from the highway

image source: google maps

So, I returned to Truth or Consequences and from there, after tanking up again (24 MPG with solely pavement driving)

Elephant Butte on a clear and sunny day

Back at camp, tried the rubber bumper (which I had to modify to make it) but it did nothing to ameliorate the tapping noise from the electric fuel pump), so back to the drawing board or perhaps just learn to live with it.  In a way, it's noise is comforting in telling me fuel is being delivered to the carburetor!

After 3PM, I drove into the northern portion of Elephant Butte State Park's northern spaces, and its nice dirt and slightly rocky trails.  Was doing some testing involving some hard starting issues I sometimes I had with Mariko....nothing settled or major, but I think I'm making some progress.

Looking back towards the State Park

Looking NW towards the hills and peaks of Cibola National Forest

So, another good day of driving with Mariko.  Poor Yagi isn't getting ridden much on this trip so far....must make time for her soon.

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