Sunday, January 20, 2019

The Southwestern Sojourn - Days 54 -56: A Wedding in Denver, and now back in Arizona

Friday, Jan 18.

Didn't get much riding done, wasn't feeling it I guess.  The weather wasn't great, light snow and snow-covered streets.  I had ridden Fiona to the auto parts store to get a 35mm socket wrench that I will be using to seat the replacement oil seal for Scarlett's leaking final drive.

Saturday, Jan 19.

Today was Eric L's and Danielle F.'s wedding day at the Brown Palace Hotel in downtown Denver.   It was a lot of fun seeing all of Eric's daughters together in one place again, they'd all babysat Things 1 and 2 at one time or another as they grew up.

Martha with the massive glass chandelier
that overhands the main lobby of the 
Brown Palace Hotel

Sunday, Jan 20:

Flew back to Phoenix, AZ this afternoon.  The flight didn't suck like the last flight, still hated it but I wasn't thinking homicidal thoughts this time.

one last view of Colorado

Got picked up by my FIL and after we got to his place, I got the URRV all ready for movement, got the water tank filled up and left.

It was late afternoon so I didn't get very far before I stopped for the night at a camping area located in State Trust land south of Congress, AZ.

I'd managed to forget my regular camera at home, dammit, so all I had was the iphone for today's pics.  The pics were extremely grainy of course as I didn't have a tripod for long exposures and not sure the iphone camera can do those anyways.

So I applied a "water color" filter to soften things up.

I hope to have my regular camera back by the end of this week, Martha is sending it to me via my FIL's home.

Tomorrow, back to the Quartzsite area to meet with RichardM and Bridget.


Bluekat said...

Not homicidal lol. At least you had the iphone. I once did a bike ride specifically to take pics and 4 miles from home discovered I had no camera and no phone. I hope all the beautiful sunsets will wait for you to get your camera back. :)

Trobairitz said...

A busy weekend for you. I am glad the return flight wasn't as bad as outbound.

Have fun with Richard and Bridget today.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Brandy, with the Machidas now and RichardM helped me fix the final drive leak.....hopefully

redlegsrides said...

Thanks Kari, we will see.