Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Southwestern Sojourn - Days 50 & 51 An Unlisted BLM site and Rain

Monday, JAN 14

Decided the Painted Rock Petroglyph had become a bit crowded for me as more RVs had taken up residence.

During Sunday's riding, I'd found some seemingly suitable spots along Rocky Point Road, on BLM land (according the map provided by allstays.com) with good cell signal.

I packed up Uma the URRV and dragging Scarlett along on her trailer, we left the campground and found us a good spot perhaps 5-6 miles west on Rocky Point Road.

 Looking east, you can see the hills near the
Petroglyph Campground 

 Southern ridgeline, part of Oatman Mountain

Looking southwest.....incoming weather blocking
one's view of the sunset

Tuesday, Jan 15:

Rain started last night, very light rain.  It would rain pretty much all morning, sometimes heavier, mostly sprinkling.  

Rocky Point Road seems fine, though its borders are mushy.

We had a pretty good sunrise though, in spite of the rainy weather:

It rained on and off most of the day, finally the skies cleared just before sunset...hopefully things dry out enough so that I can drive the URRV to Sun City tomorrow to my FIL's place.


RichardM said...

Enjoy your boondocking break. I know how much you look forward to Denver...

SonjaM said...

"It got a bit crowded..."? Let me guess, a second RV arrived? Spectacular pics, as always, Dom. Still envying you for your life style.

redlegsrides said...

Hah, SonjaM, how’d you know? :)


redlegsrides said...

I swear, you’d think my friends would have considered my needs and planned the wedding around my boondocking! :)