Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 52: Back in Sun City

Left the boondocking site near the Painted Rock Petroglyph campground today just before noon.  I should probably have waited a bit longer for the water that fell yesterday to dry up.

Getting out of the site was no problem, there was a layer of rock laid on top of the sandy ground.

The dirt road leading back to the campground was another story.  I could feel the wheels wiggling a bit in the softer spots that "looked OK" but the worst parts were the large puddles.

Some of them were wide enough, long enough, that I couldn't avoid them with the URRV!  Imagine Uma plowing at moderate speed through these....water being thrown up the sides and really soaking poor Scarlett in the trailer.

I didn't even try going dead slow through the puddles to avoid splash back; I figured I had a better chance with momentum in case I got a really soft spot hidden under the water.

The puddles stopped shortly before I reached the campground and all was well from that point on.

Dumped tanks at a Loves Travel Stop but didn't get gas there.  There was a sketchy looking white guy in dreadlocks with an old RV, bumming gas from folks who had pulled up to fill up their cars. 

Got propane and gasoline before I arrived at my FIL's place in Sun City and parked the URRV where she'll sit until Sunday when I return from Denver.

I'm flying there tomorrow evening to attend a family friend's wedding on Saturday.

Got my Xanax ready, dreading the flight.


RichardM said...

Dreading the flight or the destination?

redlegsrides said...

Mostly the flight....the cesspool that is Metro Denver is mostly avoidable.