Wednesday, January 09, 2019

The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 45: Maintenance Day

A cloudy day with wind making the temperatures which reached the mid-60s seem cooler.

Still the clouds made for a nice sunrise:

Found there were tasks to be done on Scarlett, the 2014 Ural Sidecar Rig and I spent some time at the hardware store in nearby Florence, AZ sourcing the right bolt.

One of the two bolts which held the starter motor in place had fallen off and I noticed it this morning.  I think I failed to secure it properly while working on the failed clutch parts last month.  Sigh.

New bolt in place, cable adjustments needed to be done with the clutch cable as it had stretched a bit more as expected.

By the time the above was done, and travel time to/from time to pack up the URRV and move to the next spot.  Tomorrow I move west about 140 miles.

Work and chores occupied the rest of the day, finishing off with a glorious sunset to again see me off this BLM site as I spent the last night here.


Kari Kropf said...

Pretty skies on this day!

dom chang said...

Thanks Bluekat, indeed.

SonjaM said...

Are you still out in the wild, Dom? Lovely skies. I like the one with the four-armed cactus best.

dom chang said...

Thanks SonjaM, yep, still out in AZ for now