Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 59: Hanging with the Machidas

Spent the day hanging out with RichardM and Bridget at the campsite near Quartzsite, AZ.

The weather was warm and not windy at all which made it quite enjoyable to sit in the sun and chat about whatever was on our mind.  It would have been a perfect setting, but the large number of RVs surrounding us tended to ruin things a little bit.  Here's three views from the top of my URRV:

We did take RichardM's truck into town to check out e-bikes for Bridget but nothing suitable was found.  One place we tried did have a couple of used dirt bikes for sale: A '91 Honda XR250 which fit really nice when I sat on it and a Honda CRF250 which had a really hard seat and was a bit taller than I liked.

Bridget snuck this picture while I was
checking to see if I could flat foot the XR

No, I didn't test ride either or even think about buying one.  More research is in order and I've got to come to a decision about Scarlett first.  Fix and keep?  Fix and sell?  Sell at reduced price because it needs repairs?  Who knows?

Slowly coming to grips on what Urals are in terms of blogging and what future they have in same.

Along the same lines, once I finish this sojourn's postings, there may come a hiatus to my blogging.  We'll see, got to figure some things out first.

note: so many people here have caused Verizon to throttle download speeds to less than 1 Mbps and usually much slower!  Uploads aren't bad but not optimal.

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