Tuesday, January 08, 2019

The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 44: Checking out Cottonwood Canyon

Today was the day to ride Scarlett to see what lay to the east along Cottonwood Canyon Road.

Turns out, I didn't get very far.

One road turned out to be blocked, there's apparently some kind of livestock operation behind locked gates.

Further on, the road got bad really fast....and I wasn't up to a kidney busting ride today and so I stopped early on for this picture.

Going back to the fork in the road, I took the one on the right instead and wound up stopped by the entrance to an open pit quarry where they were digging up rock.

Still, it was a nice spot for views of distant peaks:

So I motored on back to the campsite and spent the rest of the afternoon listening to an e-book and just relaxing in the warm weather.  It would hit a high of 71 degrees today, very nice.

As if knowing I'm thinking of leaving tomorrow, Mother Nature provided a nice sunset for me:

 Superstition Mountain in the golden hour

 I'll be moving further to the west tomorrow I think. 


RichardM said...

Superstition Mt looks pretty nice and the 71° sounds great!

dom chang said...

Cloudy and 68 today