Monday, January 21, 2019

The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 57: Linking up with RichardM in Quartzsite, AZ

Broke camp early and left the State Trust Land near Congress, AZ.

Leaving last night's campsite area

A couple of hours later, I was in the traffic zoo that is apparently Quartzsite in late January!

Holy Cow, never seen so many RVs and cars crammed into so small a town.  The BLM areas looked quite saturated as well.  December is definitely the time to be at Quartzsite, not late January when there's a Gem Show, Hamfest (Ham Radio gathering), Schoolie-Palooza (RVs converted from old school buses) and who knows what else type of gatherings.

I was meeting with our Alaska friends, RichardM and his lovely wife Bridget.  I turned into the area RichardM had texted me beforehand and he was there on his e-bike to guide me to his RV spot.

I parked Uma, the URRV, next to RichardM's rig as there was space and we visited for a bit.

After I got mostly settled, RichardM then supervised me as I removed Scarlett's pusher wheel, and removed the final drive so that we could replace the leaking seal where the drive shaft goes into the final drive.

RichardM showed me the trick of mounting the final drive on the wheel hub to enable easy access via the special tool to loosen the reverse-threaded collar that holds the seal:

I had previously, at home, tried supporting the final drive on a vise on the workbench but using it as show above is the way to go.  Thanks RichardM!

By doing this way, the collar came loose easy-peasy....makes me shake my head at how I struggled and failed before to loosen this collar.  Sigh.

Anyways, the seal replacement went smoothly with the 35mm socket I'd purchased back in Denver being used to seat the seal.

Everything went back together with no issues.  A short test ride within the campsite verified nothing fell off, tomorrow will be a longer ride to test whether the final drive still leaks or not.

 Uma on the left and RichardM's Fifth Wheel and truck
on the right.

Tonight's sunset was nothing to write home about, in fact, RichardM jokingly said that all my previous Arizona sunset pictures were just photoshop works!  :)

Just for fun and to prove you can't trust any digital imagery these days:

I removed via Lightroom tools, all the RVs and objects
showing in the previous pics.

Internet access at the La Paz campsite is quite slow.   I think there's just too many users trying to get on the internet all the time.  Very high latency: almost 500ms on average which of course means very slow download speeds ( < 1mbps) and upload speeds up to 3mbps with weBoost showing 4 bars 4G LTE!  

I may move in a day or so further south, staying within visiting distance of RichardM and Bridget but away from all the other RV'ers and their use of limited cellular resources.


RichardM said...

Glad to be able to help and it’s great to see you again. But you did manage to get rid of all the RVs as evidenced by your last photo. Unfortunately, they are still able to use Verizon bandwidth even if they vanish...

SonjaM said...

A few years back: The International Moto Blogger Convention, an before you know it changed to an RV blogger community. We'll be joining you one day if you wait long enough ;-)

CCjon said...

Good to see you two are getting ready for Arizona hi-jinks... making RV and campers disappear... bet that's what aliens did in Roswell, just photoshop the evidence away. Move along, nothing to see here.....

Speaking of making things disappear, that explains why the scotch bottle level gets lower every day, you've been photoshopping my scotch?

redlegsrides said...

Hi Jan, well looks like something wrong with clutch plates now....heading home Thursday to take Scarlett apart in comfort of my garage. Fix one thing, another breaks....I think the motorcycling gods are saying go home.

redlegsrides said...

SonjaM, found your comment waiting publishing approval, sorry about to an RV IMBC.....that'd be something wouldn't it?