Friday, July 27, 2018

The Slow Return - Days 3 & 4: From West of Spokane to Helena, MT

Jul 26, Thursday.

I rolled out of the nice boondocking spot in the Robinson Canyon State Park in Washington before 8AM, looking to drive east and find another boondocking spot perhaps in Idaho near Coeur D'Alene.

The day started very promising with a short visit to the Wild Horse Monument aka "Grandfather lets loose the ponies", near Vantage, WA.

The view from the monument's parking lot
of the I-90 bridge over the Columbia River

Tried three spots, none would work either due to no signal for work or full as was the case for the Beauty Creek National Forest Campground, it was also pricey at $31.

Gave up on Idaho, the state's people give off bad vibes anyways IMO.  Continued driving and after clearing a late arrival with Craig H, drove on through the day/evening.  I got there just before 10PM Thursday night, dead tired.  Craig had told me he'd probably be asleep as he has early working hours.  So I crashed after eating a sandwich, long day.

Jul 27: Friday.

Sunny and temperatures in the 70s.

It was Martha's birthday today so I made sure to give her a birthday call in the morning.

After doing some work, I went riding during lunch.  Found a National Forest access road really close to Craig's home.  It was called Austin Road and is also labeled FR 1805.  It led to a small settlement called Austin, located alongside a railroad track which I would ride across three times.

Kept going past Austin and then several private properties of seemingly large size, finally reaching the top of a hill overlooking the valleys near Helena, MT.  Very scenic in spite of the lack of nearby mountains.  This was also on the path of the Continental Divide Trail, markers for which I saw there.

I detoured onto FR1854 at this location, and after perhaps half a mile or more, came upon the site of the first Masonic Meet in Montana; at least, according to the plaque I found there:

Plaque conmemorating first Montana Masonic Meet
in September 15, 1862
(Looks like some idiot shot it with a shotgun)

 Scarlett at the Masonic Meet Site

 If the meet site was picked because of the views from there,
I would say they picked well.

 A view of distant mountains from along FR 1854

I checked out the conditions of the Continental Divide Trail west of FR 1805, nicely wooded and shady, leading to more views of the valleys.

 View of the railroad track's bridge from atop the 
Continental Divide Trail.

I didn't hike very long, I had my motorcycle boots on; not conducive to a lot of walking.  I returned back the way I came, stopping at the bottom of the railroad track I'd seen from above to take pictures.

I rode on back to Craig's home and spent the rest of the afternoon finishing up some work tasks and some chores around Uma; while I waited for Craig to finish up work.

I did chat for a bit with Julie, Craig's lovely wife and her mom who's visiting with them.

Things got a bit cooler in the late afternoon, early evening.  Might need an extra blanket tonight in the URRV, but still, no need for the heater.  Summer in Montana, it's nice.

Full Moon tonight, warning....warning...warning....following picture is a photoshop composite of two pictures.  Not the actual view tonight.


RichardM said...

A bad vibe in Idaho, eh? I've only camped once in Idaho and it was in the southern part of the state. But as far as bad vibes go, thats where we had the trailer tire blowout. To me, that was a bad vibe. Nice photo of the railroad trestle.

SonjaM said...

Funny, what you'd felt about Idaho... we also noticed negative vibes, so we rushed through the state, and never came back.

The last pic might be a montage but it's still beautiful, Dom.

RichardM said...

What! You use Photoshop! Now I will always wonder... Is the Ural real or “photoshopped” in?

redlegsrides said...

RichardM, nothing online should be trusted until the source is verified! :) You'll note I clearly state its photoshopped.

Thanks SonjaM, good to know I wasn't the only one.

BeemerGirl said...

We had the same issues coming across Idaho. We didn’t stay long. Looks like a beautiful day with beautiful views.

redlegsrides said...

Thanks for the feedback re Idaho BeemerGirl.....strange isn't it?