Sunday, July 08, 2018

The Great Escape - Day 18: Cruise Day 2

Jul 7

A sea day today.  This means we were at sea and no port calls.

After breakfast, we toured the ship's galley to get an idea of the effort and production involved with serving an average of 14000 meals each day!

The executive chef (rank is noted by
black kerchief around neck)
who led our tour group

At sea, the ship's crew provides presentations of this and that matter....Martha attended one on the future cruises in Europe and she managed to win a bottle of wine during the "testing" that followed.

 Martha and her prize, along with snacks, 
at our cabin's balcony.

We both then attended a couple of informative briefing on Alaska's Ketchikan during the afternoon and evening.  While Jane, Larry and Martha attended a shipboard musical show, I went to catch the sunset:

 Looking toward the bow of the ship

 A southbound container ship we passed

Jane and Martha joined me near sunset's end
while Larry tried his luck in the ship's casino.

Pretty good sea day overall, tomorrow Ketchikan, Alaska!


RichardM said...

Looks like a great sea day! Are you tracking down BruceW in Ketchikan?

SonjaM said...

Martha's plate looks delish! I am not fond of cruising per say but I always wanted to do the Inside Passage / Alaska cruise...
And the sunsets are gorgeous, Dom. Simply stunning.

Steve Williams said...

I've just finished going through 18 days worth of posts. A real adventure. Seeing a lot of things. Gas chamber and gallos one day, soaring mountains another, and on the water on another. Sounds wonderful.

While Richard asked about getting a boat, I'll throw my two cents in as it would be a bad, bad idea. An RV may present challenges. A boat is a money eating machine. Like horses. And unless you are on them all the time, you never really wrap your head (and soul) around that watery life. The RV and URAL seems like it's a far better course for you and your family. Unless you move to an ocean somewhere...

Reading about your adventures makes me realize how little is going on in my world. I need to get moving. As always, you set the bar high!

Artie & Leinen's Grand Adventure said...

Martha, I've got a bottle of wine here waiting for you! I'm interested in hearing about the cruises in Europe. Nice sunset, Dom. I was thinking about your sunsets last night at midnight here when the sun was still up. Maybe you'll have to stay up and drive out somewhere to get a good sunrise/sunset shot.

redlegsrides said...

RichardM, re Bruce I thought he'd moved to live fulltime in Nenana and so failed to coordinate with him. I got a PM via FB from him minutes after the ship had left Ketchikan!

Thanks SonjaM, guess the inside passage just made your bucket list perhaps?

Thanks Steve, not sure about setting the travel bar high....but am sure trying to experience new things.

Bridget, thanks....don't know if I can stay up till past midnight for a sunset shot....I also remember it's tough to find a good location there in Fairbanks.