Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The Great Escape - Day 34: University of Alaska's Museum of the North

Jul 23

We fly out of Alaska this evening, landing in Seattle's SeaTac airport sometime after 10:20PM PST.

We had time in the morning and after a sumptuous breakfast of fried rice by RichardM (yummy), we headed to the Museum of the North on the University of Alaska's Campus.

It's a very nice museum, had visited it before back in 2013:  LINK

 Otto the Bear and the Girls

RichardM helped me zero in first thing on the only motorcycle on display:

 Blue Babe
Reproduction of a Steppe Bison

 I bet this one won a lot of fights with that 
center mounted antler!


 Polar Bear and its prey


 Front view of the Museum of the North
it's supposed to depict a breaching whale:

breaching whale
source: google

 From the museum's art collection:
updated version of American Gothic

 Replicating a pic I took back in 2013
this time including the girls

Leaving the university I spotted, too late an interesting exhibit of the rockets used by the university to launch instrumentations into the Ionosphere for studies.  I went back later on RichardM's eBike and got the pic:

Once I got home, Martha got some final pics of Bridget's dogs:

 Artie and Leinen

We got taken to the airport soon after the above pics arriving ahead of planned times.  We were early enough that we cleared baggage checkin and TSA security in record times!  Life was good then.

With a bit over two overs to spare before the plane boarded, we relaxed.

Alaskan Peaks and Glaciers

Flying into Seattle, it actually got dark as the sun set, unlike in Alaska!   :)

Didn't get any sunset shots but did get some nice city lights with my iphone6....my "real" camera failed to able to do this.

The Alaska Airlines flight was flawless.  Kudos!

Tomorrow, Martha flies back to Denver and I go to retrieve Umarang and Scarlett at Everett.


BeemerGirl said...

Looks like a great last day of the great escape.

redlegsrides said...

It was, BeemerGirl, it was.