Saturday, July 21, 2018

The Great Escape - Day 32: Murphy Dome, Kayaks and eBikes.

This morning, Martha and Bridget went off to the Farmer's Market in Fairbanks, while Chris (Lori's hubby) had errands to run.  That left Lori, Richard and I to our own devices....needless to say, a ride was in order.

Chris generously offered me the use of his Honda CB500 Motorcycle, same type as Lori's motorcycle and Richard would be riding his 2012 Ural Patrol Sidecar Rig.

Richard guided us along the 21 mile route to the top of Murphy's Dome, the last few miles being dirt with small gravel which kept my speeds slow on Chris' motorcycle as I didn't want to drop it!

Up on top, we enjoyed the views, chatted with a rider who showed up for a few minutes and then we got this picture:

Richard, Lori and yours truly on top of Murphy Dome, AK

We returned back to Richard's home, via his old commute route, in light traffic and sunny/warm conditions.  It was very warm, for Alaska!

After some resting, the ladies packed up Chris and Lori's Sprinter Van with two inflatable rafts and after securing an additional life preserver at Fred Meyers; we went to a small pond perhaps two miles from the Machida house.

Richard gracefully allowed me to ride his Ural Patrol rig, with Chris as the monkey.  He was right, after the engine and gear box rebuilds, the rig runs very strong and smoothly!

 Setting out on their kayaks....

While the ladies tried to figure out what to do for going straight, Richard asked if I wanted to check out the ebike he'd ridden out for the event.  Of course I said yes.

Some brief instructions and I was off down the nearby bike path:

While I rode on the bike path, Richard took up my camera man duties:

After I returned, Richard showed me how the ebike is folded up for storage and travel.  The plan, possibly, is to use it as transportion when pulling the RV and camping.

 Dream Bike DB-500 Pedal Assist
you can see Richard's rig in the background

I liked riding the ebike, easy to use though a bit clumsy for me when I just stood and straddled it.  It'd make a great lifeboat for the Ural I think!  

Meanwhile back to the girls as they paddled their way back to shore:

 Bridget and Martha


Everyone got back to shore safely.

After the kayaks were packed up, it was time to ride home.  I did some more riding of the ebike, up and down hills near Richard's home.  It slows way down going uphill of course, but a bit of pedaling brings up the speed easily.

Going downhill, it goes pretty fast...actually had to use both brakes at times to slow down safely.

A day of trying new things all around.  Rode a Honda CB500 for the first time, Martha tried Kayaking, I rode Richard's Ural Patrol and his eBike.


Artie & Leinen's Grand Adventure said...

It was a GREAT day! Thanks for coming!

VStar Lady said...

You vacationers are packing a whole lot into each day. E-bikes were a very big thing on the Island this year as well, I was tempted to try one but then I thought, how would I het my exercise that way, and I didn’t.

Trobairitz said...

What a fabulous day. I love that all six of you managed to get together from different parts of the country.

We've been so busy that I've missed your adventures of late. I am glad I had a chance to check back in.

redlegsrides said...

You’re such great hosts!

redlegsrides said...

It makes it easy to go up a hill at 9 mph with minimal pedaling....seems handy

redlegsrides said...

Trobairitz, sounds like you’ve been beyond busy! Hope things settle down for you soon

BeemerGirl said...

Such a great day!! Loved sheinf with you guys and doing some of my favorite hobbies.

redlegsrides said...

I still say you should have at least shouted "ramming speed" at the other kayak....see what they did.