Monday, July 16, 2018

The Great Escape - Day 26: Train to Talkeetna, a reunion with friends, the Alaska Range and a Sunset

July 15

Lots of pics today, lots done and seen, more to follow as Larry H. processes the stuff he shot too.

First, it was an early start from Anchorage to catch the 8AM train on the Alaska Railroad Company's Wildlife Express to Talkeetna.  Very nice observation car on the top and a dining room on the bottom where we had a nice breakfast:

 Started with Mimosas, of course.

 The Halls sat across from us in the dining room portion
of the private car we traveled in....

 Windblown Martha

 Some of the peaks viewed while riding up towards 
Talkeetna, of the Chugach Mountains. ( I think)

 Arrival in Talkeetna, above is an outside view of our 
private car....very nice way to travel.  Not at all like
the debacle that is Amtrak.

 Jane and Larry by the locomotive

 The girls fooling around with a couple
of tourist trap photo devices

 He Shed and She Shed....hmmmm

We toured the Talkeetna Historical Museum which is mostly a collection of vintage artifacts of day to day living in olden times in Talkeetna.  Quite interesting and worth the $5 fee per person to get in.  The items that caught my eye:

 Sheldon's Wolf Guns.
Truly amazing what you could do 
back in the day.

 Photo proof of early times' attempts to make moose
into horses ....

Larry and a photo of Denali's peak

The touring of Talkeetna and a lunch at the Denali Brewery over with, we took the bus over to the Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge where we would spend the night.  The views of the Alaska Range of mountains from the rear of the property were quite magnificent if way too cloudy.

The view of the upper half/third of Denali was obscured by clouds so I contented myself with just pics of the mountain range with the frequent local small aircraft who were taking off from a nearby field.

 Mount Hunter frames the above plane....

A little after 5PM, Bob and Sharon Peek of Wasilla joined us for drinks and dinner.  Bob and Sharon were the couple I met back in 2013 while riding in Alaska.  They took me into their home, provided comfortable lodgings and friendship during my travels and repair issues with the Ural sidecar rig of the time.

 Such a great time seeing Bob and Sharon and them
meeting Martha!

After Bob and Sharon left for Wasilla (75 miles away), we relaxed for a bit at one of the viewing stations in the hotel.  Jane, Larry and Martha then retired to the rooms to rest and I decided to try and catch the sunset.

I had to stay up till after 11PM of course to catch the sunset!  Luckily it's a late start tomorrow, with us leaving for the train station to go to Denali National Park at 10:30 AM.

 Sunset views from the viewing deck area of 
the Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge


RichardM said...

Pretty nice train car. Though the Alaska Railroad cars with opening windows and wooden seats have a little character.

Bob and Sharon are looking good. We haven't had an opportunity to see them in a while.

redlegsrides said...

Yes RichardM, quite the train car, liked it a lot! Though the observation windows did induce warpage in photographed objects sometimes.