Sunday, July 22, 2018

The Great Escape - Day 33: Chena Hot Springs

We said our goodbyes to Chris and Lori (BeemerGirl) this morning as they head towards Tok and points east and north I think.

After lunch, we piled into the Machida's car and headed east towards Chena Hot Springs to "take in the waters".

It's a bit over 50 miles away, down a highway bordered constantly with pine forest and the occasional house tucked into the woods.  We got to the resort around 3:00 PM, made sure the hot springs lake wasn't crowded and went on it.

Very enjoyable, the hot springs lake, bordered by large rocks, with a sprinkler in the middle providing cool water in the form of rain.  At the hotter end of the lake, there was a water spout where one could get a free massage while enjoying the hot springs.

I wandered about the facility while the rest finished with their relaxing dips in the water.  

This is the only wildlife to be found today here in a very warm day in Alaska:

On the not-so-wild wildlife side:

Bridget and a new friend

We left shortly after 5PM, and soon enough were at the City of North Pole.  We stopped for pics at the large Santa Claus statue near the Santa Claus House of course:

We then finished a pretty good day by having dinner at a nearby Chinese restaurant.

After a brief fight for the check, we agreed to split it.  Thereby ending the day with no discord and full bellies.  So much food, we had to take a lot of it home for leftovers!

Tomorrow, we fly from Fairbanks to Seattle.....our Alaskan Adventure nears its end.


VStar Lady said...

The hot spring looked amazing, and not too crowded. Sounds like it was a great finale for a fine trip. Did you ask Santa to make sure you are all on the “nice” list?

redlegsrides said...

No requests were made of Santa, VStar Lady, he was looking as tired as we're feeling.....

Its definitely time to start heading home.

RichardM said...

Not to mention looking stressed out driving the RAV4 through the parking lot.

BeemerGirl said...

Pagoda! Yum! Did you see any moose on the road to the hot springs?

redlegsrides said...

RichardM, the Rav4? You mean the guy who almost got hit? moose were seen.