Saturday, July 28, 2018

The Slow Return - Day 5: A Sunrise, Brunch with a Friend, and camera troubles.

Saturday, Jul 28.

Woke before my alarm and had the opportunity to capture what turned out to be a pretty good sunrise.  Note: these are the last pictures taken with the stock 16-50 mm stock lens for my Sony A5000.

The zoom mechanism, which was damaged during an accidental drop from the motorcycle's tank bag, is not working anymore and the camera doesn't recognize the lens.

Montana Sunrise

After the sunrise pics, I geared up and rode the 65 miles or so to the settlement of Three Forks, at the junction of the I-90 Super Slab and US 287.  Scarlett did great, and traffic was light which was good since I was keeping her speed at 55 mph as usual.

I was meeting with a friend from college ROTC, James Peet, who lives in Washington state.  He was passing through, coming from Denver where he'd been attending/exhibiting his invention at a trade show.  He's patented a portable shower gadget which allows the use of regular water bottles as a field shower device.  Pretty cool and he believes he may have made some great contacts at the trade show.

We met for a late breakfast at the Wheat Montana Bakery Shop located at the aforementioned junction.  We talked, reminisced, compared notes on life and basically passed a couple of very enjoyable hours.  Too soon, it was time for James to be on his way to his home state.

James and yours truly

James showed me the interior of his camper van, which he's in the process of fitting out himself.  Good stuff, no pics though, it's still a work in progress.

As I went to take the above picture, I discovered the 16-50mm zoom lens that came stock with my Sony A5000 camera wasn't working.  So now, it's toast and I was limited to using the 55-210 Telephoto lens for the above shot.  Sigh.

Now debating whether to upgrade to something newer or just replace the broken stock lens, it's only around $150 (less if I buy used) from Amazon.

Martha, my loving wife and chief enabler says to upgrade.  I'll give it some thought as I drive home.


James said...


Great times - it was too fast (despite being almost two hours). Must spend more time together.

redlegsrides said...

A great time indeed, a bit scary how much we think alike and yet diverge on other points.

Love of a Motorbike said...

Great times catching up. Glad you were able to connect. Horrible news about the camera lense. How old is the camera, do you like the current functions, are you interested in leaning a new camera? Food for thought in upgrade vs replace.

SonjaM said...

If your CFO approves of the spend, go for an upgrade, Dom.

RichardM said...

Really nice to be able to meet up with old friends. I still like the Sprinters. Especially the older 5 cylinder ones

redlegsrides said...

Lori, the camera is several years old but me being a cheap bastiche, I think I'd rather just replace the lens.

SonjaM, CFO has approved, it's me being the tightwad. Rather save the money for gas and tires.

RichardM, I like the Sprinters too....I still wonder at times but we do love the URRV.