Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Back in Colorado

The Slow Return Trip has ended.

A week to drive UMA the URRV (Ural Recovery RV) from Everett, WA to Centennial, CO.

One last view of the campsite as I left....

 A couple of bucks were flushed out as I drove by....
managed to capture one who paused for a second.

 A rusted water tank made, I thought, a nice composition
with the distant wind turbines

 Looks like a power plant using water from the 
North Platte river for cooling.

Expenses besides gas (8 mpg, baby!) were $35 for food cooked in the RV; and $21.50 for camping fees: ($11.50 for the one day Discover Pass in WA and $10 donation for the camping in Columbus, MT.)

Only one issue involving Scarlett, a check engine light which pointed to a failed o2 Sensor on the left side header pipe. 

Short driving day, less than 210 miles I think.

I stopped by Unique Rides and Randy had one in stock for a mere $55 and some change.  Had a heck of a time removing the old sensor, the nut portion of it had been rounded off by previous ham-fisted efforts on my part.  A little PB Blaster, lots of heat, and it finally came off.

New part is in place, no more "check engine" light!  :)

It's good to be home.


RichardM said...

Check Engine light on a Ural! What’s the world coming to…

I like the water tank photo.

Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...

Welcome home! So many lovely places visited and shared, thanks Dom. This will do nicely until I can return myself some day.

redlegsrides said...

RichardM, I know right? OBD ports, check engine lights, EFI, and there's new things coming....

Coop: If you're ever in Colorado....let me know.