Sunday, February 24, 2008

Windswept Plains Ride

Temperatures from mid to high 50s! Sunny and Windy.

Just a short ride today, about 43 miles and about an hour in the saddle perhaps.

Gorgeous riding day, and the great number of motorcyclists, bikers and donorcycle* riders on the roads were evidence of this. It got pretty windy around 1430-1500 though, made for some noisy riding with my helmet; still the winds weren't strong enough for me to go into my "dances with the winds" mode of riding.

I ended up wandering eastward on CR194, aka county line road which you reach via Smoky Hill Road. I decided to forego repeating my riding from yesterday and instead of the usual turn South towards Elizabeth, kept going straight East until I reached the end of the pavement a few miles later and turned Maria around rather than continue on the new dirt road.

Looking West towards the Rockies

Looking East, beautiful skies eh?

I rode back towards the West and spotted this small bridge with a small creek running under it, it was still pretty much coated with a layer of ice which made for a nice background shot.

I was shooting into the sun so this is the best of the several shots/angles I took of this location. I must remember to try it again someday but with the sun either higher up or more to the east perhaps.

I rode back home, retracing my way back to Smoky Hill Road. Just a short satisfying ride, a break from all the chores I'd been doing such as washing my riding jacket, washing road spray from Maria and minding the boys while my loving wife did some shopping.

* donorcycle: People who ride motorcycles without a helmet. Just my opinion, it's truly their choice.


irondad said...

Weirdly enough, I did a 41 mile wander yesterday. We both took a picture of our bikes on a bridge. Are you sure there are mountains in that picture labelled "toward the Rockies"?

redlegsrides said...

yep, the rockies are on the horizon, the incoming cold front hid them but you can barely see what I believe is Mount Evans.