Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dashing through the Snow Flurries

Temperatures in the high 20s, overcast and snow flurries by the end of the short ride.

So, I went to sleep last night thinking the forecast remained the same: high of 55 and sunny. It had been a glorious riding day yesterday but all I did was ride around doing errands, I'll ride longer tomorrow I foolish I was. I'd forgotten the saying they have around here: "don't like the weather? wait a few minutes, it'll change"

And, so it did. I woke to snow falling! I really have to monitor the weather closer apparently. Luckily, we had barely a half inch of accumulation. It was cold so the snow did not melt and was quite easy to shovel aside to clear a path out of the neighborhood.

Turns out though, that things "warmed" up enough to sublimate most of the patches of snow in the neighborhood roads and I was able to exit via the streets at around 1300hrs. I could have and should have left sooner but was waiting for it to warm up a bit closer to 32F° for whatever reason.

I geared up, and rode off into overcast skies, looking for patches of sky where the sun had been teasing us all morning. What I found was a few snow flurries about five minutes into the ride. No problem I said to myself, it's just a few snowflakes.

Well, those snowflakes were soon joined by more and bigger snowflakes! By the time I'd reached GunClub Road, the flurries were medium sized and constant. I took GunClub road south towards the Southlands Mall area, the flurries getting thicker by the minute.

I got on Smoky Hill Road and you could see the snow front moving in from the North. I stopped in a parking lot North of the Home Depot and took this picture:

Discretion being the better part of valor, I rode on home after the shot above, had a big old grin on my face for some reason. Found myself whistling "Winter Wonderland" as I watched the think snowflakes fly by and over my windshield. They weren't sticking to the ground yet so I was not too worried.

I got home safe and sound and you can see, the flurries followed me home. A short 12 mile ride but fun.

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