Friday, February 01, 2008

Shiny Roads can make you worry

Temperature: 29-31 F°, sunny.

I rode in today to work after getting back from a business trip yesterday. It had snowed the night before yesterday but the roads had looked clear as I drove the cage home yesterday afternoon from the airport.

Well, when I left the house at 0730, I found both Quincy and Gun Club roads to be very "shiny" looking in the barely past sunrise hour. They had that "sheen" one tends to associate with ice on the road and I was a bit concerned as you might imagine.

I would feel the traction qualities of these roads at stoplights and it felt fine, like moist roads perhaps but since the temperatures were below freezing, the fear of ice kept intruding into my thought.

Still, no issues, and I went around curves slowly and as upright as possible. Not much leaning into the curves today!

A bit dicey but not too bad

Made it into my work parking lot just fine and here's where I encountered many scattered patches of ice which I traversed just fine albeit slowly. Made it to the motorcycle parking spot and whomever had donw the snow plowing had thoughtfully carved out some space for my motorcycle. You'll notice I left room for any other rounder/rider/fool who might show up on his motorcycle.

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