Thursday, February 07, 2008

2008 BMW MOA International Rally

From the BMWMOA Site: LINK

The 36th Annual BMW MOA International Rally will be a high plains adventure in Gillette, Wyoming. Save the dates of July 17th through the 20th, 2008. In the months to come there will be updates to the website, articles in the Owners' News and postings on the forum to keep you informed about rides to experience en route to the rally, routes home from the rally, and things to see and do while at the rally. So wear your boots, pack your cowboy hat, and Cowboy Up in Gillette!

I've not decided yet whether I am going to go to the Rally, depends on work schedule and such. The 2007 International Rally in West Bend, WI was pretty good but crowds make me itchy I found, even amongst 1000s of fellow beemer riders.

I might stop by for a bit enroute to Yellowstone National Park perhaps.

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SheRidesABeemer said...

I think I know what you mean about crowds...ick. I can tell you that there is mass quantities of space at the Gillette site, and, of course lots of space in Wyoming! I'm not going myself, I was there last year. I prefer new places year over year. But Colorado will be on that list soon! :)