Sunday, February 03, 2008

Bronze Buffaloes and another visit to the Golfball

Temperatures from 35-44 F° very windy and overcast.

It had snowed Friday night, about 1-2 inches of accumulation so I spent Saturday morning clearing the King Canute Escape path as always. We had company come in for lunch and so I was not able to ride at all on Saturday even though I had a way out to the main roads.

Today, Superbowl Sunday, I spent some more time clearing an approximately 30 foot section of sidewalk that was part of the escape path. There was no real drainage and so the melting snow have overflowed onto the sidewalk and had frozen overnight into a solid sheet of ice! I think I could have made it out on the neighborhood side road but I wanted to clear the ice regardless.

Finally after an early lunch, I escaped the neighborhood with no problems using the KCEP as the escape path will be referred to from now on. I was not planning a long ride, just run a couple of errands on the motorcycle. The route I took found me at Quebec Street and C470 where I picked up some disks at Circuit City, what a zoo. Then I wound my way back towards Parker via Lincoln Avenue which I took towards Inspiration Drive and eventually Smoky Hill Road.

I detoured through some under construction housing developments trying to get close to a reservoir for a shot of the snow covered water but ice/snow on the side streets finally dissuaded me and I ended up at the Golf Ball.

Nearby where I shot the picture of Maria at the base of the Golf Ball, there's a community swimming pool house with three bronze buffaloes in front. It's a family of three, the baby, the mother and the father buffalo.

It was a short ride, don't think I went over 50 miles in the two hours I was out and about. The weather was not too cold and the roads, the main ones, were nice and dry.

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Beaker said...

A brave man riding in those conditions!!