Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Self Portrait while Riding

Gorgeous riding day after waking to a "dusting" of snow and ice here in Colorado. Temperatures from high 30s during ride in to work.

Phone conferences kept me working from home till 1030 or so, so whatever snow/ice had collected overnight was gone in the fierce Colorado sun. Roads were dry and I headed into work.

I'd recently installed a metal bracket with some pretty strong velcro on my BMR Shelf to hold my cellphone while I am riding. I sometimes get calls while riding and have to stop and dig out the phone from my pants pocket to see who called.

Now, I can maybe see who's calling on the tiny LCD on the outside of the phone and make a decision whether to even bother stopping or just talk to whomever called later on when I did make a stop.

Anyways, I'm heading in to work, on a desolate stretch of road and the camera lens that's built into my cellphone caught my eye. I figured, why not, it's only me out here and no curves for a while; I opened up the phone and activated the camera function.

Note the beautiful blue skies we're enjoying today. I closed up the cellphone and resumed full concentration for the remainder of the ride in to work.


Conchscooter said...

Motorcycles are just too much fun. Can you imagine taking a self protrait while driving a car? It would never happen.

Conchscooter said...

The trunk is a STLUN and when I googled STLUN Trunks an ebay item came up at around $70.
Apparently they are a popular accessory for KLRs but in Key West (no Kawasaki dealer!)they end up on scooters sold by the Yamaha dealer.
The Yamaha dealer also recommended attaching a piece of plywood under the plastic quick release mounting plate to prevent the plate from cracking and warping in prolonged use. So far so good!